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We’ll Be Back Soon


First, we want to thank you for visiting us. We are sorry that you missed some amazing content. We will, however, be back.

Steven’s health is not the best just now. He’s doing everything he can to make things easy for his recovery. It’s not easy when you have a farm to run, as well as a website and social media. For him to recover from the two procedures he recently had, as well as prepare for the next one, he’s decided to remove the website for the time being.

We hope you will understand this, even though you may disagree. We do ask that you allow some time, and the site will be back up and running.

The only part of the site that will remain active is the shop. We do ask that you will visit the shop and purchase some amazing honey. You’ll be glad you did!

To visit the shop, click here. It will open in a new window.

If you would like to support Steven as he works towards paying off these unexpected medical bills, you may do so by clicking here. You’ll be taken to his GoFundMe.

Thank you,

The Copper Trinity Team

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