The Copper Trinity

Steven Zimmerman, who has spent most of his life as an apiary owner and photojournalist, is relaunching The Copper Trinity.

The Copper Trinity used to pride itself on the quality of honey produced by its bees. Now, with the way the world is changing, Mr Zimmerman sees a need to expand his current operations and fully relaunch The Copper Trinity.

In the coming months, you will be able to purchase quality honey products at fair and reasonable prices.

We are also growing 10+ acers of Pecans! We will begin offering Pecans to the public starting in 2022.

It is our hope that our honey and Pecans will be a delight to each of you!

As we add products, we will expand this page.

We hope to see you soon!

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Help Me Grow The Honey Farm!, organized by Steven Zimmerman

I decided to get the apiary up and running in a much larger capacity not too long ago. To make this happen, I applied for a loan from the bank for $12,500. That loan was approved. However, the amount I received was changed, and the bank left me short.

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