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I recently underwent venus ablation during this procedure, where they close some of the veins in your legs using heat generated by radiofrequency. This procedure was excruciating but is supposed to help release a lot of the pain I’ve been in. This process was done on the 16th and 17th of May.

My insurance, United Healthcare, did not cover this procedure. So, I was stuck having to come up with the money to cover the fees. Thus far, just $5,000 has been paid (see receipts). I still must come up with another $2,500 that we don’t have to cover my follow-up visits and a third procedure. That is what this fundraiser is for.

I hope that you will help me with this. I really can’t understand why insurance is not covering this at all. I boggle the mind. I have filed appeals on the matter, so everyone knows, but I am unsure if they will go my way.

Thank you for even thinking about helping me.